The History of our Marine Services

c2cfcd_f7679aa7d80e41e2bb5b87a6489a18f1For many years Benson Electric Company has been one of the leading marine electrical contractors on the Great Lakes.  Supplying electrical services for both Great Lakes and Ocean going vessels for over 100 years.  Benson Electric Company also manufactures Electric controls and Electro-Mechanical Equipment for Marine applications.  Some of the items manufactured are the Draft-O-Meter, Electric Whistle Controls, Electric Steer-O-Motor, List-O-Meter, Mot-O-Winch, Electric Capstans, Constant Tension Electric Mooring Winches, and Benson Ladder Hoists.

 Benson Electric Company has had a relationship with the Almon Johnson Company since 1921, supplying replacement parts and service for Almon Johnson Electro-Mechanical equipment.  Over the years our marine electricians have traveled the Great Lakes and all over the world.

 In 2003 Benson Electric Company modernized the controls for the Constant Tension Electric Mooring winches on The Great Lakes Fleet vessel Phillip R. Clarke.  We installed PLC’s to replace many of the components that were becoming hard to find or were special order.  We are looking forward to modernizing more vessels in the upcoming years.

Marine Services and Sales

Our Marine Service electricians are Jason Glaus, Troy Follis and Tony Booker.  Jason and Troy each have 15 years of experience while Tony Booker, semi-retired, has over 40 years as a marine serviceman.  If one of these guys cannot fix it, it simply cannot be repaired!  Our motor repair department works on motors and generators.  Kevin and Aaron have 30 years of experience between them.  Frank Dumonsau serves as Manager of the Marine Service, Manufacturing and Motor Shop.

During the winter service season Troy has taken charge of our out of town projects with his crew operating at such places as Milwaukee, Bay Ship, Toledo, Detroit and Cleveland.  Jason is taking care of the work in the Twin Ports.

Marine Navigation/Electronics Service and Sales

We have a new group the Marine Navigation/Electronics Division specializing in sales and service. Several customers requested we move into sales and service on Sperry equipment; navigation, gyros, radar as well as other manufacturers. Rick Mutschler has come on board as Manager of the Marine Navigation/Electronic Division; Rick was formerly with Ramar and Air Services. Don Masa has brought his knowledge and experience from Air Services and Sperry will serve as an advisor until we get up to speed, this will probably take 2 years. Dave Reynolds will be a service tech coming t us from Air Services and Sperry beforethat. Jason has attended training from Sperry and Troy will.

Marine Manufacturing and Repairs

Our machine shop, Pat Meyer, and motor shop, Kevin Homich and Aaron Watnemoe work in concert to bring older equipment back to life.  Whether it be old hoists, motor control center starters, control panels, it is often more economical to refurbish than buy new.

List-O-Meter and 5- Light Indicating Unit

The Benson Electric List-O-Meter Master Control Unit and 5-Light Indicating units are tried and true in the marine shipping industry. They are still available today to aid in ship loading and unloading.

Benson Electric Ladder Hoists

Benson Electric Ladder Hoists have been in service for many years. Tough and durable, they are able to handle the harsh elements and provide reliable service for many years. If you would like a price and delivery on these three units please call and ask for Frank Dumonsau at 715-394-5547.