Special Services

Delivery and Storage

We operate a full time stockroom for delivery of tools, materials, trailers, and our special tools and equipment. Barb Stovern is our Manager of Support Services and makes sure our electriticians and understands the needs and wants of our field journeyman electricians

Panel Department

Our panel department can build a panel for any application. Pat Meyer has had UL training. Recently we have built panels for Midwest Energy, Cutler Magner, Innovative Pines Technologies, Sandstone Federal Prison, Canadian National Duluth Dock, Keylakes/Great Lakes Fleet, ME Global, and American Steamship.

Infrared Inspection

c2cfcd_dfdd988cfaeb47ffa8e302f0a930b1c2Infrared thermography detects abnormal heating caused by poor connections; short circuits; overloads, load imbalances and faulty, mismatched or improperly installed components in your electrical system. In mechanical systems, overheating can be caused by internal problems in motors, misaligned equipment, improper lubrication of rotating components, and improper tension on drive belts by catching a leak early and getting the roof repaired or replaced. Jason Glams and Watnemoe are the technicians.

Vibration Analysis – Laser Alignment

Vibration analysis is a very useful tool in determining changes in the condition of all your rotating equipment such as electric motors, bearings, gears, fans and pumps. Laser Alignment of close-coupled motors will ensure proper alignment and operation of your machinery or pumps. Upon completion of the infrared inspection or vibration analysis by a trained electrician, a detailed report with digital and infrared images, along with recommendations.

Cable Location

Our team of journeyman electricians are trained to use our cable locator to identify where underground cables are buried. Normally an I-Call doesn’t apply or cover private property, we will locate on your property.

Mini Excavator

We have a mini excavator for burial of electrical systems

Machine Shop

Throughout our company and our projects one common thread is our machine shop. Pat Meyer can fabricate anything, hence he helps our field staff look good and complete projects on time.

Boom Truck and Tow-able Man Lift

We have several boom trucks and a tow-able lift to not only repair pole lightning , but install and repair 600 volt to 15 KV overhead electric power lines, disconnects and cutouts, poles and transformers.