“Everything Electrical” is our motto, since 1912 Benson Electric Company has been a leader in electrical contracting, and a manufacturer of marine equipment.  In the early 1900’s as local utility companies got out of the electrical wiring of premises, Benson Electric Company took over.  We have wired the whole towns distribution systems, laid under water cable, wired industrial plants, commercial and residential projects.  Plus, producing marine equipment and providing marine electrical service.  Our marine electricians have traveled the world servicing US Navy, US Coast Guard, Salt Water and Great Lakes vessels.

Today, Benson Electric Company is still a leader in electrical contracting, provides marine electrical services, and manufactures marine equipment.  We also have an electric motor department, UL Listed Panel department, control/programming department, and a machine department.  Benson Electric Co.  can provide our customers one stop shopping for all of their electric needs.

Whether the job is the bid/build $6,000,000.00 James Oberstar Terminal or the design build $1,700,000.00 Pier B Hotel, Zac Zuk maintenance and construction work at Enbridge, Dean Thompson at Calumet, Brian Kregness at ME Global, Brent Ferguson at Harvest States, Tim Stalvig at Plains Midstream, Wayne Stephenson at Tate and Lyle, the list goes on and on, or a hot tub outlet or other small job performed by one of service van electricians, the size, the delivery method, the customer, we attack each with the same thought to complete on time on budget with the highest level of professionalism and quality. In 2016 we will complete the new Whole Foods Coop Grocery store, new 7,000 KVA substation at the CN dock in Two Harbors, an addition to Ikonics, work at the Kirby Center at UMD, Pier B Hotel and many other projects. We run a crew of ~ 50 electricians, 9 office staff, 4 support staff, 2 motormen and a machinist all at your disposal. We have completed 2 Leed projects at UMD, the Life Science Building in 2008 and Ianni Hall in 2013.

Electrical Service and Maintenance

Our service department, what we lovingly call our “Short Truck Drivers”, handles smaller contracts and service work. Each of our Shorts Drivers have a van complete with tools and materials to complete your project.  If you know the individual you wish to call please use the cell number below.  If you are new to Benson Electric please call and ask for Courtney and she will set you up with a Short Driver to do your project or estimator to provide pricing.

Dave Solberg


Chris Linnerud


Jon Tomlin


Rich Zinter


Jim Chaffee


Bryan Green


Kyle Love


Matt Collins


Troy Lipe


Tony Schmaltz


Jeff Saeland


Scott Willoughby


Design Build Construction

Design build services have grown in popularity over the past 10 years.  It delivers a project on time and inherently on budget.  It puts us the electrical contractor and the owner on the same team, the owner gets only for what he wishes to pay.  The engineer works for us and we make sure the design is both economic and meets the needs of the project and future growth.

Estimating and Project Management Staff

Benson Electric has 3 project manager/estimators.

Blair Mahan, BSEE 1977 UW-Madison, has been with the company since graduation, estimating and serving as senior Project Manager.  Blair handles most of the conceptual estimates.

Nate Sapik has been estimating/Project Manager for 10 years and handles most of the plan and specification estimates.

Bill Slattengren has been estimating/Project Manager for 5 years and holds the Master Electrician license for the shop. Bill handles the pipeline and some industrial work.  Bill is involved in all projects as he is well versed with the national electrical code.

Other Electrical Services

Along with Industrial & Commercial, Electrical Engineering, Residential, and Panel Development services, Benson Electric Company also provides:

  • Overhead 15K Pole Line and Underground Service and Repairs

  • 15K Switch Gear

  • Structured Cabling

  • Maintenance Service and Repairs

  • Troubleshooting and Upgrades

  • Design-Build

  • Design Assist

  • Electrical Service Analysis

  • Leeds Projects

  • High Voltage

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