Electric Motor

Benson Electric Company has had an electric motor department since 1916, providing industrial, commercial, and residential electric motor repair and sales.  Today, TM Electric Motors and Controls has expanded its capabilities to service up to 300 HP electric motors with new bake-out and burn-out ovens.  Kevin Homich & Aaron Watnemoe have over 30 years of combined experience. The added 30 years of experience of machinist Pat Meyer allows servicing of virtually any type or make of rotating apparatus, including electric motors, generators, pumps, welders, overhead hoists, and controls.  We service high voltage, AD, DC, wound rotors, plus crane and shaker equipment.

TM Electric Motors and Controls stocks new Baldor, Leeson, World Wide and A.O. Smith electric motors or reconditioned motors up to 250 HP.  We are also an authorized service center for Baldor, A.O. Smith and Leeson/Lincoln, WEG, World Wide electric motors.  We offer pick-up/delivery and service calls our customers, along with 24-hour emergency service.

Infrared Inspection

c2cfcd_dfdd988cfaeb47ffa8e302f0a930b1c2Infrared thermography detects abnormal heating caused by poor connections; short circuits; overloads, load imbalances and faulty, mismatched or improperly installed components in your electrical system. In mechanical systems, overheating can be caused by internal problems in motors, misaligned equipment, improper lubrication of rotating components, and improper tension on drive belts by catching a leak early and getting the roof repaired or replaced.

Vibration Analysis – Laser Alignment

Vibration analysis is a very useful tool in determining changes in the condition of all your rotating equipment such as electric motors, bearings, gears, fans and pumps. Laser Alignment of close-coupled motors will ensure proper alignment and operation of your machinery or pumps. Upon completion of the infrared inspection or vibration analysis by a trained electrician, a detailed report with digital and infrared images, along with recommendations.

Controls for Industrial & Commercial Applications

As technology has advanced so has our investment in providing our clients with the latest electrical equipment available. Our staff is able to assist with designing the proper applications for your industry. Benson Electric Company has been involved in many new construction and upgrading projects. Our technicians are also able to trouble shoot controls for most industrial and commercial applications. It is important to us to get your facility back up and running as quickly as possible.